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App Design

Course overview

Learn about what Apps are and how to build them using Adobe® Brackets and Adobe PhoneGap Build, where you’ll be introduced to the concept of App design and build. We will be using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript in Brackets to design and produce an App. HTML will provide the structure and content of the App while CSS will give the App it's graphical look. The course will then show you how to use Javascript to add functionality to the pages to make the App active.

Key Information:

Start Date: Complete
End Date: Complete
Duration: 6 weeks
Live sessions: Complete

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Learning outcomes

In this course you meet industry professionals who will provide an insight into what goes into making a professional App and releasing it on the App store.

You will be introduced to a small amount of coding each week that will build up the App and you will be set a weekly challenge to upload your project for the following session.

Participants will gain an introductory working knowledge of key Adobe tools used in App Design and production.

We will also be introducing Adobe Brackets in order to publish the Apps we make to your own devices. Brackets is a new open source code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Once you’ve completed the Adobe Generation App Design course, you will be able to:

  • Create a device based App
  • Critique and analyse Apps with a specialist vocabulary
  • Understand the key concepts of App Design theory and production
  • Devise, plan and create your own App.


During the five-week course you’ll cover the following key concepts:

  • Design the App; understand user needs and supporting those needs in an easy and intuitive manner.
  • Working with limited real-estate and the amount of information and actions you can fit in.
  • Provding enough information in order to create a successful App.
  • Gamification; how to add elements and concepts from games to provide a fun experience and at the same time motivate users to work with your solution.
  • Make it fun. Be visual. Great visuals determine not only what your solutions look like, but also how it feels. Your solution can come alive through a visually appealing design, animation and motion.


Roxana Hadad

Roxana Hadad

Mark Shufflebottom

Mark Shufflebottom

Guest speakers

Matt Cheatham

Matt Cheatham


Ben Templeton

Ben Templeton


Sean Howard

Sean Howard


Kimberly Cook

Kimberly Cook

Pixeled Eggs

Adobe apps

The course will mainly be focused on Adobe Flash Professional CC . The course tutor will advise when the following tools will be used during the course:

Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Flash Professional CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop® CC

Adobe PhoneGap Build

Adobe PhoneGap™ Build

Adobe Brackets

Adobe Brackets

Important Notice

A trial or fully licensed membership to Adobe Creative Cloud will be needed to partake in this course. If you currently don’t have a membership it is recommended that you consider downloading a 30-day free trial of the products needed for the course. It is advised that the 30-day free trial is downloaded as close to the course start date as possible.

Trial versions can be converted to complete or single-app membership via the Adobe Creative Cloud website. After you purchase membership, the desktop product trial will automatically convert into the licensed version, so you can carry on working.

Click here to visit the Adobe Creative Cloud website